Chemistry at the THG

"Thereʻs chemistry in it "... we actually encounter chemistry in countless situations of our everyday life. The main aim of the chemistry lessons is to recognize, examine and explain this. Whether in pharmacy or food chemistry, in the smallest cells of our body or in the production of diverse industrial products: Chemistry explains the world around us.
The school is not only intended to arouse enthusiasm for chemistry, but also to prepare students for scientific professions and scientific studies.
For this purpose, we have completely renovated rooms adapted to the needs of modern, pupil-oriented teaching. The chemistry rooms are equipped with energy columns and smartboards, and there are also safe experimental fume cupboards. Independent work and research is the focus of competence-oriented chemistry lessons.

UK - German Connection Project

The project will involve students thinking about their favourite books when they were younger and thinking about which books interest them now, then sharing this information with students in the other country.

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