Danish at the THG

The compartment
At the Thor-Heyerdahl-Gymnasium, Danish is offered as a new foreign language in the upper secondary school, the subject is taught for three years. Danish can be included in the FH and Abitur ratings and can be chosen as an oral subject for the Abitur.
The subject Danish follows the 2002 syllabus for the subject Danish in Gymnasium, which will be replaced by the new Danish requirements in 2016.

Teachers and equipment
The subject Danish has been taught at our school since the 1980s and has been represented by three teachers since the school year 2010/11. The student council of Denmark works with the textbook Det er dansk. The Gymnasium provides other teaching aids such as dictionaries, reading, films and wall maps.
In addition, the teachers regularly use suitable hearing aids, newspaper articles, further literature and comprehensive accompanying material. The possibilities of the new media are integrated into the classroom via the smartboard rooms.
Teachers of the student council Danish are
Mrs. Beth (Be), Danish / German
Mrs. Clausen (Cl), Danish / German / Religion; Faculty leadership
Mrs. Jacob (Jcb), Danish / English; counsellor for Danish in the IQSH

Special activities and possibilities
The Danish language course aims to develop (language) competence for the out-of-school reality.
For 26 years the subject Danish has maintained a lively student exchange with the rings Efterskole (Fünen) for 26 years. Danish pupils experienced German school and family life for just under a week and, conversely, our pupils got to know Danish boarding school life a few months later.
Study trips to Copenhagen and other excursions to Denmark have also been carried out over the years.
Since 2008, a one-week exchange programme with Midtfyns Gymnasium in Ringe has been taking place in the second year of learning Danish. The pupils take part in the school life of the respective host school and learn their neighbouring language together through special bilingual tandem assignments.
The intensive contacts with Danish high school students of the same age - here, too, the pupils live individually in the respective families - are initiated by e-mail and letter contacts accompanied by instruction. The resulting German-Danish connections are often continued - the geographical proximity makes it possible.
If individual students are interested in further education, our school offers an individual two- to four-week exchange programme in cooperation with the Midtfyns Gymnasium in the respective neighbouring country. Ms Beth is the contact person for this.
Looking out of school at career opportunities in Denmark, there is the opportunity to take a trip to Syddansk Universitet (Flensburg or Sønderborg), which offers a trilingual business degree course.
Time and again, former pupils report back that they have taken up Danish-related courses of study.

UK - German Connection Project

The project will involve students thinking about their favourite books when they were younger and thinking about which books interest them now, then sharing this information with students in the other country.

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