The subject History at the THG

History is given from grade 6 - 13. The history from the Greeks to the fall of the Berlin Wall is introduced in upper secondary school, in Sec. II in depth.
We start in the sixth grade with the family history of the pupils. After the Stone Age, the Ancient Egypt, as well as the Greeks and Romans, there is almost always the curious question of when one will finally deal with the Second World War. "This will only be dealt with at the end of middle school." "Itʻll take forever," the bored student moans.
But only a few people moan. Many children are interested in how the Stone Age people hunted huge buffaloes, how the Egyptians robbed the Nile of fertile land, how the Greeks colonized the Mediterranean world or how the Romans conquered the world at that time.
The bored pupil may be tormented by the story of another 1,500 years: the migration of nations that brought about the already wavering Rome, the first Franconian kings who murdered themselves on the throne (heed the bored one there for a short while?), the royalty of travel, the lordship with its serfs, whose entire short life took place in the narrow horizon of their hooves, and probably even the medieval city that appeared on the horizon of the serf around 1100 and promised him a breath of freedom. Newer winds then brought book printing and the Reformation, Renaissance and humanism. They focused on people with their faith and thinking. That concludes the seventh grade.
In the eighth grade, the themes of the French Revolution and industrialisation stand out. But as soon as man has fought for freedom, he loses it as a still righteous worker in the factories, until trade unions put an end to it.
But the head of the bored only rises with the foundation of the German Reich. Bismarck unites it in wars. Proud European nations divide the world among themselves until it becomes scarce, too scarce; the wars that have just been waged in the distant past are striking back at Europe. The weakly pacified First World War is finally leading - at last? Does the bored person still mean that? World War II. The Europeans lost their pride in the trench warfare. Tenth grade: A frightened Europe is united in two blocs, and Germany has to endure the division between these blocs after its criminal intoxication of destruction. Itʻs a good thing that we can end this story with reunification, at least for a little while. The story remains open at the front.

UK - German Connection Project

The project will involve students thinking about their favourite books when they were younger and thinking about which books interest them now, then sharing this information with students in the other country.

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