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Our planet is large and is becoming more and more interconnected. New York, Copenhagen, Dubai, Canberra, Lyon, Rekjavik, Moscow, Warsaw, etc. They are all just a stoneʻs throw away in our mobile world. And if you go on a journey and want to get to know a culture, you wonʻt be able to get around the language.

UK - German Connection Project

The project will involve students thinking about their favourite books when they were younger and thinking about which books interest them now, then sharing this information with students in the other country.

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  • 23.01.2023 - 04.02.2023

    Wirtschaftspraktikum der Q1

  • 30.01.2023
    08:30 - 16:30 Clock

    Schulentwicklungstag (unterrichtsfrei) LOCATION:Musikräume

  • 31.01.2023
    08:00 - 15:00 Clock


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