How many faculty members fit into a cubic meter?

Mathematics at the THG

Mathematics is taught according to our internal curriculum (status 07/15). Our aim is to bring the world of mathematics closer to the pupils with all their senses and to make it comprehensible. We want to show that mathematics is fun and exciting - even if itʻs true: practice makes perfect!

Our student representatives work very closely together and have made many arrangements to promote sustainable learning. For example, at the end of each year in the lower and middle school, students write a parallel work on the subject matter of the entire school year.
Lernplakat für Dreiecke
Mausi im Zweiersystem
For this purpose, we have numerous teaching and illustrative materials, some of which we have developed ourselves.
They tempt you to puzzle and brood, need logic and arithmetic, so that our students learn to work independently in mathematics.
Promoting independent learning through the use of modern media is a matter of course for us, e. g. a lot of work is done with GeoGebra and Excel.

We attach great importance to the concept of continuous language education, which makes it easier for the pupils to understand and formulate coherences and to use the technical language, especially in mathematics lessons.
Since mathematics is a subject of particular importance in the upper secondary school and also in the Abitur examination, our students receive the greatest possible support from the very beginning through
  • ‎Fostering lessons in small groups at the orientation level,
  • Differentiation hours,
  • Supervision of homework by high school students,
  • Algebra - AG for high school students.
The promotion of mathematically interested and talented pupils of all grades is also an integral part of the pedagogical work at the THG.
Therefore we regularly take part in the following competitions:
  • ‎at the kangaroo contest in March,
  • at the Mathematics Olympiad always in the first half of a school year
  • on the long night of mathematics in November of each year

Our students are always there with great enthusiasm and get an impression of the possible applications of mathematics.

UK - German Connection Project

The project will involve students thinking about their favourite books when they were younger and thinking about which books interest them now, then sharing this information with students in the other country.

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