Physical education

We attach great importance to sport at the Thor-Heyerdahl-Gymnasium.

For two years now, so-called sports-oriented classes have been in existence in the lower school, which receive five sports lessons per week, in close cooperation with various state sports associations.
In addition to the classical sports (swimming, apparatus gymnastics, athletics and sports games) also trend sports such as parkours, slacklining or flag-football are included in the lessons.
In the upper secondary school there is the possibility to choose the sports profile at the THG.

Internal school events:
  • ‎"Bundesjugendspiele" apparatus gymnastics
  • Running day
  • Lower School Sports Day (5th Floorball, 6th Football)
  • Middle School Sports Day (7th basketball, 8th football, 9th volleyball)
  • Upper School Sports Day
  • Canoe trips with your own canoes

Non-school events:
  • ‎Dragon boat racing
  • 4th and 5th grade ball races
  • Youth trained for Olympia (floorball, volleyball, handball, basketball)
  • Kiel Cross Country Race
  • Christmas Tournament of the Kieler Oberstufen at the THG

Sports clubs:
  • ‎"Small giants" wanted by the National Volleyball Association
  • Volleyball for advanced players
  • Sailing
  • Soccer/ girlsʻ soccer
  • Basketball
  • Floor ball
  • Dancing
  • Handball
  • Movement Club

Sporting activities

From ball sports festival to charity run - we are always on the move

UK - German Connection Project

The project will involve students thinking about their favourite books when they were younger and thinking about which books interest them now, then sharing this information with students in the other country.

Upcoming events

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