Six dedicated and highly motivated colleagues teach physics at our institute.

Physik am THG

Physics instruction in the physics rooms, which are newly equipped according to the latest findings, and in an adjacent computer room, all equipped with modern interactive whiteboards, we design physics instruction in a wide variety of teaching forms. The rooms can be set up quickly and flexibly for group, frontal or station lessons by means of freely adjustable tables and supply from above.

The extensive range of teaching materials with a clear focus on experiments carried out by the pupils themselves allows us to present physics in a clear and understandable way. According to our internal subject curriculum, the different sub-areas of physics are taught in the course of the school years with increasing level.

Thus, for example, electricity teaching is introduced in the initial lessons without any formulas on the basis of experiments with switches and lamps, and in the following year it is expanded to include electromagnetism in the self-construction of electric motors. Another year later, measurements of current and voltage follow and calculations are carried out.

At the end of the intermediate level, induction tests and the transformer follow.

In the upper secondary school, physics is taught not only in the natural sciences, but also in the socio-scientific profile, all the way to the upper secondary school leaving certificate.

In this way, we lay a broad range of solid scientific foundations for a large number of professions that are not only scientific and technical.
Schulinterne Fachcurricula, Sekundarstufe I / II


Applied Natural Sciences and Technology

Compulsory elective course in Applied Science and Technology (ANT)

ANT is taught as an alternative to a third foreign language in the last four semesters of upper secondary education.

In two of these, physics teachers give lessons. The focus here is initially on extended mechanics lessons, which can also be carried out through the design and programming of "robotics" based on Mindstorms computer modules. To this end, we have 18 so-called Roberta boxes and appropriately trained teaching staff.

On the other hand, we immerse ourselves in the world of acoustics in the focus on "physics and music" and experience together the fascinating phenomena of sound. From this we recognize and understand the origin of the tones and sounds of different musical instruments.

Fachcurriculum ANT, Sekundarstufe I

UK - German Connection Project

The project will involve students thinking about their favourite books when they were younger and thinking about which books interest them now, then sharing this information with students in the other country.

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