Guidelines of THG

Aims of the Gymnasium education

The aim of our school is an comprehensive education following the tradition of the Abitur after 8 or 9 years (Y-Model) respectively.
The foundations for this are the laws of education as well as the specialised and pedagogical targets of the curriculums. As well as theses, the implementation of contemporary educational knowledge is a given/goes without saying.

We strive for the personal development of our students through imparting knowledge and methodical work within and outside of classes and through the pedagogical mediation of the system of values, which is oriented towards the social context. The reinforcement of independence and the personal responsibility for learning and acting should prepare students for the demands of studying and for their future career.

Specific educational focus at Thor-Heyerdahl-Gymnasium

Within the aims of the Gymnasium education we emphasise to students the principles of opening up to the outside world and widening their horizons.
We consciously decided to name ourselves after the Norwegian researcher and scientist Thor Heyerdahl (1914-2002), as he overcame boundaries during his research and enthusiastically reconsidered his results.

The explorer and anthropologist stands for innovative scientific work, which thought-provokingly questions previous findings, and the bravery to provide evidence for internationally represented expeditions.

This innovative character should also be significant for our school. Students should be encouraged to reconsider things themselves and to acquire knowledge in many areas with their own, new methods. In order to achieve this, they should be given the opportunity to have the command of knowledge, be open-minded, and also know the current requirements in the world of work.

Our school wants to encourage and provide extensive expertise, so our students experience, discover, and shape the world with their in-depth knowledge.

Thor-Heyerdahl-Gymnasium is embedded in particular spatial structures. This spatial arrangement is reflected in our understanding of school relations and the desired cooperation, which we introduce to students.
Thor-Heyerdahl-Gymnasium doesn’t work only for itself, but lives in close contact with the schools of the Educational Centre, maintains relations with the district of Mettenhof, urban enterprises and institutions of Kiel, and makes national and international meetings possible.

Within our school environment, we want to implement this concept as follows:
The subject-specific knowledge is complemented and extended by life-related, academic, and extra-curricular offers and activities, to strengthen the awareness and sense of responsibility for current social, historical, political, ecological and economic environments.
In order to achieve these goals, educational and other developments are necessary. We promote the personal development of our students. We proceed from the principles of tolerance and non-violent coexistence, and regard conflict awareness as a requirement for resolving conflict. We want to encourage self-respect and respect for others, to help develop the ability to sympathise and empathise, and to strengthen independence.
We support and encourage the coexistence of everybody at our Gymnasium and the other schools in the Educational Centre, as well as groups in the surrounding district of Mettenhof. In addition, we offer a high proportion places to foreign students and disabled children.

UK - German Connection Project

The project will involve students thinking about their favourite books when they were younger and thinking about which books interest them now, then sharing this information with students in the other country.

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